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part 4

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part 4

15.12.2007 um 19:06, keine Kommentare
Seconds later
The Mothership

It had been easy to enter the necessary specification into the computer. The hard part would be to prevent any intervention from the crew during the data transfer. It began. Interested, Da'an watched the activity on the bridge increase abruptly. It reminded him of an anthill alarmed by an intruder, a complete chaos of people, all trying vainly to regain control. Actually, it was rather simple to counteract any such efforts. Da'an was surprised to notice that he enjoyed the chaos. Maybe he should extend his poltergeist activities later on.

At the same time
Augur's Lair

Liam had shown up some time ago, slumped on the sofa and hadn't moved since. Augur watched him in sorrow, but there was absolutely nothing he could do. Liam grieved for someone who had meant a lot to him - again. Practically his whole life seemed to consist of losing loved ones. First Lili - a small sigh accompanied Augur's memory of the woman - then his mother, Siobhan, and now Da'an. Who else did the young hybrid have left except him? And their relationship was not what it used to be, hadn't been for a long time. Ever since Augur had broken Liam's trust, and he doubted that he'd ever get it back completely. Strange things happening on his computer screen aroused the hacker's interest. The computer monitored activities on the Mothership and was now almost running amok trying to record everything.
“Good God....” Augur murmured almost reverentially. Someone was downloading the complete databanks of the Mothership into the internet, whose computer had all it could handle trying to find every byte of available memory space world wide. It was an impressive spectacle, the work of a true master of his art.
“Liam,” Augur called over his shoulder. “Liam, you have to see this!”

At the same time
North American Embassy
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