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Tell me

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Tell me

15.12.2007 um 19:02, keine Kommentare
This one will not be perfect
And it will be forgotten in time
The words perhaps don’t fit
But they are however mine

How long can one think back
On the good times he no longer has
Once the love goes away and
You feel attached to the pain only

How long can life go on without
That someone to hold his hands
Once the love seems to stray
Because you want to not be lonely

If I could be another day
I would have a new tomorrow
Then the sky would not be gray
I’d be free from pain and sorrow

Across my lips I hold your hand
I close my eyes and wonder why
This I beg to understand
My heart says stay and I .. Good bye

Today I met someone that had eyes like a cat
They were yellow and black and looked really that
She told me politely while she spat on the floor
It’s manners and likely when a man holds the door

You are just a woman so what can you do?
Besides the mother, the sister, and lover to?
With your long hair and your eyes so blue
Tell me why is it so that I’m in love with you
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