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Die Magie des Lebens

Gedanken eines Menschen auf (der Suche nach) seinem persönlichen Lebensweg



05.07.2008 um 00:18, keine Kommentare

There's so much I've to say
There's so much i want to pray
Now I'm only twenty three
There are still many things to see
In spite of many things I've seen
Before this life where I had been
I lerned so much – but it's only a few
So many things I touched – so much remaining to do

Where I('ll) stay – talk it to me
I am inprisoned at the same I am free
Would I('ll) be able to get the world on
Sure(ly) but not if I('ll) try it alone
When will you tell me where I can find
Only some others (/people at all) that aren't so blind
Blind for emotions, for respect in the world
With such blind creatures I don't want to walk

I'm a powerful girl, but at present I'm afraid
Am I on the right way...or is it too late
It's not so easy to get the right sense
I'm afraid of my destiny – I am also tense
Could it be so simply – how should I know
Does it cost much exertion – what makes me grow
I'll be prepared – I don't care what's coming
My life is too short and the time is running

I'd been already down, but I climed up
It could happen again- my will is strong enough
There's never a cause to kill myself
Even it seems not to be, there're people (/some angels) – they help
I can never be so alone in this world
That i feel no more love and only the hurt
There's a sense of everything – even of the bad
If you feel sad, without hope, remember what I've said

Feel your own power – you(!) are The One!
Take your ideas on head – push your life on!
Lern thinking other ways – think about rules!
Don't beliefe everyone everything – some are just fools!
You have to access on your own mind!
What is right, what's wrong – only you can decide.
But never forget: What ever you want
Respect the same wish of everyone!!!

© 26.09.1999 (Text)/29.01.2004 (Musik) by nashbix
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