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15.12.2007 um 19:04, keine Kommentare
Da'an was dead. He had committed suicide. Why this had happened only the members of the Synod knew and they kept silent about it.
From the viewpoint of his people, Da'an had committed a sin and would have to bear the consequences. He had been exiled, expelled from the Commonality forever. No one who deliberately ended his own life was allowed to return. Da'an, like everyone of his people, had known that and had accepted it.
What had tormented him so much that he preferred even exile to a continuing existence, Liam couldn't say. Da'an hadn't let anything of his plan slip. He had behaved as always, nothing had hinted at such a deed. A few days ago the Taelon had gone to the Mothership and never returned. Eventually, Agent Sandoval had informed the Major of the death of his Companion, a short emotionless phone call. It hadn't seemed as if Da'an's death had concerned the agent in any way.
At first Liam hadn't even really understood the information. He'd simply taken it for a very bad joke. There had been no reason to think otherwise. But it was reality. Far too soon he had had to face up to it. Zo'or had taken him into his own service. Liam often felt the difference between this Taelon and his former employer. Zo'or was not especially patient and everything but friendly. His disdain for humanity was palpable, of he wasn't forced to be diplomatic. And even then Zo'or was far worse an actor than Da'an. When the older Taelon had had to negotiate, the humans had been taken in by his friendliness and so he had achieved what he wanted, regardless of what he really thought. The humans only ever saw the soft smile and heard the kind words, enchanting them. Zo'or on the other hand was always harsh; he tried to intimidate everyone, which worked most of the time, but that did not get him sympathies, let alone true loyalty. He was hated, Da'an was missed. To Liam, that seemed to be an important difference. But the mystery remained. What had happened on the Mothership?
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