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My first thirtythree golden rules of high rope dancing

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My first thirtythree golden rules of high rope dancing

18.06.2008 um 01:19, keine Kommentare
(read inbetwixt the words)

1. These laws are about the high arts of high rope dancing.
2. High rope dancing is life. You better love it.
3. Watch the lines.
4. Either you dance or you fall.
5. People have proven, the sky being the limit.
6. This is training, falling ends up with ankle distortions, rib fractures and worse.
7. The real thing ends up with death.
8. Sort yourself.
9. Keep the balance even before you start thinking of dancing.
10. You need to be able to walk, if you want to be able to dance.
11. If you can´t climb the rope, don´t dare trying to walk it it.
12. Even before you get up, you better know where you might fall down.
13. Before you start anything, gain a balanced stance.
14. Always start with the weaker leg.
15. You might walk like a sissy, but piss on that.
16. Again in repeat: Don´t keep balance when you step, keep balance before you step!
17. Before you step, you stand.
18. Stepping out of an unbalanced stand inevitably brings you nearer the downfall.
19. If you linger, don´t listen to your head, you´ll fall.
20. You better listen to your feet.
21. Your arms might be helpful, but always be aware of the fact: You need your whole body to dance.
22. If you fall, hit as little as you can.
23. Never ever hit the rope, better catch it.
24. Don´t be happy if you made some steps, there are always countless steps to come.
25. When falling after quite a lot steps, don´t be angry.
26. And even if you hurt yourself, remember the mistakes that made you fall.
27. Train yourself always.
28. Don´t mind the people who stare at you.
29. Only dance if you feel like dancing, otherwise simply walk your way.
30. Persons who don´t feel like walking, should never think of starting the training.
31. Find your own golden rules.
32. Every golden rule has to be tested in every try.
33. And again: Never trust a golden rule too much, constantly test them, if they fail once you fall.
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