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The End

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The End

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At the same time
North American Embassy

Zo'or was in the middle of a discussion with A'ris, the new North American Companion, when Agent Sandoval contacted him. When he received the message, he could not believe it at first. Da'an had hit, in a place even he had not expected, and there was no doubt that this had been the work of his rival. Only a few had the necessary knowledge, but for whatever reason, Da'an had even used his own access codes.
“Stop it by any means necessary” Zo'or barked at his protector. The answer was not very pleasant. “We already tried that, Zo'or, without success.”
“Then continue your efforts.”
The order sounded more like the angry hissing of a cat than the Synod Leader. Zo'or was beside himself with rage.

A few hours later
The Embassy garden

Invisible to anyone, Da'an had seated himself on the edge of the fountain, one leg drawn up to his chest, arms wrapped loosely around it, his chin resting on the raised knee. The other foot was drawing idle patterns in the sand. The Taelon ghost was satisfied with himself. His plan had been a complete success. Now the humans had total access to all Taelon data, there was nothing that could change that fact. Suddenly he felt a clear, unmistakable call. Someone performed the He'jathra; he had to obey the summons, he wanted to obey it. A single thought brought him to the place he was called to.

Liam stood behind two Taelons, Zo'or and A'ris, who were completing a strange but also seemingly familiar ritual, the calling of the dead. They called for Da'an, to banish him completely from the Commonality, but first they wanted to speak with him. So far, nothing much had happened; Da'an kept them waiting.

Suddenly, something behind him was softly glowing, in the now familiar white-green light. All three turned around. The Taelon had seated himself on a console, arms resting on it, legs dangling. A small smile showed on his face.
“You wanted to speak to me, Zo'or?” The voice sounded quite amused.
“What do you think you were doing, Da'an? You have betrayed our people!” The voice of the Synod Leader almost cracking.
“It may look that way to you, but I have a different point of view.” Da'an did not seem overly concerned.
“I don't care about your point of view! You have made our data available to the humans! You have made it possible for them to go up against us now that they know everything about us!” Zo'or's rage radiated off him, hot as the sun. Liam tried to put some distance between himself and the Taelons. He did not want to be close when Zo'or exploded.
“I have enabled them to make a choice and meet the Taelons on equal terms. Now you cannot use the technological superiority as an excuse. The humans are young, but they learn fast and have usually no problem to assimilate new technologies. The humans now know all about you; everything else is up to them. You can do nothing more.” A deep contentment showed in Da'an's voice. Zo'or was simply speechless. Da'an was right. The final decision concerning their fate now really rested in the hands of the humans. Even if the Taelons now tried to suppress them, they would not be successful. Their plans had been foiled most effectively. Full of anger he turned away and left the room. A'ris followed close behind him, no less angry. The Major remained behind, alone with Da'an.
“Now, Liam, how do you like this turn of events?” Da'an inclined his head, a mysterious smile on his lips.
“I... I have to admit, I don't know what to say,”
“Obviously.” Da'an seemed amused. “I have to go now. Farewell, Liam. It has been a pleasure working with you after all.”
Da'an's features began to fade, to grow transparent. The whole shape of the Taelon vanished until he was completely gone. Liam watched it with regret. “Farewell, Da'an. It was a pleasure for me, too.” His voice was only a soft whisper. He turned away as well and left the room. His duties awaited him.

A few days later at sunset

Da'an had seated himself on top of a mountain. It wasn't the highest of this world, but the view was breathtaking nonetheless. He felt happy and completely at peace with himself. There was no unfinished business in his life, he had paid his debt. The humans had decided to help the Taelons, in spite of their lies, in spite of the horrors they had unleashed on Earth. Maybe they had only political reasons, maybe they really wanted to help; who knew. In a few years it would not matter any longer.
All this was no longer his concern. For a little while he had busied himself with being a nuisance, but he had rapidly lost interest in that. Right now, he just waited. For what he had no idea, but he had all the time in the world to find out.

A hand was laid gently on his shoulder. Da'an looked up calmly, into eyes like green jade in a fine-boned, small face framed by chestnut-coloured locks. A soft glow came from the body of the petite young woman. She seemed to be hardly more than a girl, and yet Da'an had the impression that she was much older than him. She smiled in a friendly manner.
“Hello. I'm glad to meet you.”
“I am honoured. I have waited for you, I think. Who are you?”
“My name is Miriam. I have been sent for you.” She seated herself beside him, smoothing her long, light green dress in the same motion.
“And where will you take me?” The Taelon could not hide a note of concern in his voice.
“There.” Miriam raised her arm and pointed. Da'an turned in that direction. Astonishment gripped him. He had not expected something like that.
“What is that?” His fear was gone, replaced by boundless curiosity.
“The gate. All humans go there.”
“I am not human.” Sadness coloured the voice of the alien.
“Maybe. But maybe you're wrong. I only know that I am supposed to take you there.” A smile sounded in Miriam's voice, even though it did not show on her face. Da'an looked up into the shining eyes and decided to trust her.
“What waits for me there?”
“That is up to you alone. I think you already know.” With these words she stood up and reached out her hand. Da'an took it with a sure grip.
“Yes, I think I know.”
Without hesitation the Taelon followed the young woman. He saw a familiar figure waiting for him in the light; the figure of a man, a friend. He had missed him so much. With a joyful laugh Da'an threw himself into the man's arms, felt them wrap securely around his body. They seemed to remain like that for an eternity before they separated again. No one ever heard the words the man said to the Taelon, nor the answer. Finally, the young woman took both their hands and together they disappeared from the face of the earth.

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