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in case...

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in case...

21.02.2010 um 12:23
last week one of my car's windows was bashed in.
it was done by mistake because I was apparently mistaken for - hm, shit happens, nothing for hell ;)
at least I thought that...
while a new window pane was installed, the service station told me that there's a deep slot in the window bar - someone tried to get in to steel my car or valuable matters in my car!
hey what's going on with you guys? Do you really want to irritate me that much guys?!

I tell you the first and last time not to attempt or actually do such idiotic things like that, ya

you can't afford the things other people have?
-> but they had to work for their property as well!
you don't want to work?
-> so hell, shut the fu** up, move your lazy as* and get a job!

don't be so stupid
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