Dear Readers

As you might know from the German side of this forum, I am very concerned about what I found coded into the Torah: Pictures showing astronomical and mathematical phenomena.

jesus geburtszeit

The dots in the circles above make just one of the eight found pictures. It displays the Big Dipper (Star Constellation) as it stood at the given date down in the north also above Bethlehem, Israel.

It was the exact time of the very seldom triple Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (the second in that series) that could have been a sign of the birth of Christ according to the Bible or for the beginning of our Christian era as seen by astrology.

While my claims are regarded as "just computer aided esoterics" by 99% of all people, I am sure that these pictures really exist and were intentionally created by the authors of the Torah-Text.

I really know all contradictions and critics and do not want to prove anything here. I just tell.

This thread is for those whom it really concerns and who would like to practice some of their English by learning to understand the topic with my help.

Here you can read the full story:

Please only write into this thread if you find this really interesting and also have the time and patience to discover its details.

If you just like to know what the relevance of the “Torakosmos” for your life and its final meaning and sense is, please consider that I do not know! And I also do not know who made the pictures and how and why. It is original research and work in progress. With your help and inspiration it can become more complete.