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1.McDonalds serves drinks in Liter sizes
rather than Ounces
2.Burger King tastes better than McDonalds
3.Mayo on fries (Pommes) is normal
4.You pay extra for mayo or for ketchup,
about 30 cents
5.There is beer available for breakfast
6.You eat sandwiches for breakfast
(especially Nutella on bread)
7.Saying "Wie geht's?" (how
are you?) will certainly not be responded to
with a short phrase such as gut (fine or
good) but rather by a long explanation of
everything on that person's mind.
8.Streets and sidewalks are all stone bricks
9.Everywhere you go or look you see graffiti
10.Water comes only with carbonated bubbles
11.It costs as much money to buy a coke than
to buy a beer
12.Alcohol-free beer is available at any
restaurant/brewery/bar that beer is served
13.Beer actually tastes good
14.If you drive 4 hours almost in every
direction, you will be in a new country
which speaks a completely different language and
has a new culture.
15.There are cigarette ads on billboards and
in the movie theaters (especially Marlboro)
16.Watching Wild West movies in black and
white is popular
17.There are Autobahnen and Züge rather than
Highways and Trains
18.Fruits and Veggies are not sprayed as
much with pesticides or herbicides
19.You have to return bottles and cans from
where you bought them to get your pfand
(deposit) back,
20.The street light turns from red to yellow
before it turns green (so that you know to
change gears)
21.If someone bumps into you , they do not
say "sorry"
22.The date is day.month.year
23.There are no ice cubes in the
24.It takes an hour or more to wash clothes
in the washing machine (and often times
there is no drying machine).
25.People go to the grocery store, the
backery and the butcher meat shop every day
or every other day.
26.There are 4 cans/trash bags to put
garbage for every household (yellow is normal trash,
blue is paper, green or brown is glass, and
clear is plastics and metals).
27.There are nude beaches and even at the
local swimming pool people like to lay out
and tan themselves without tops on.
28.Buildings do not have air conditioning.
29.People are allowed to drink (age 16)
before they learn to drive (age 18)
30."Eis" means ice cream and not
31.Cars park half on the sidewalk and half
on the road
32.There is a transportation system, that is
very efficient, running within each city and
going to neighboring cities with buses,
street trams, taxis and trains. Also special
bike paths and walkways are made so one can
go all over town.
33.People go for a walk after lunch, and
sometimes after supper, through nearby park,
forests or pathways.
34.People will hike up mountains, go over
boulders, or go across country sides when
they have time to spend for fun exercise
35.You must tip people to use the bathroom,
but it is not required to tip for a meal
36.There are no water fountains nor free
water anywhere
37.Salads come with a variety of lettuces
and cabbages, and you do not get to chose the
38.Cereal is available only in hostels
39.There are no water towers (can't see
what city you are in) and no above ground
fire hydrants.
40.Any chain store or restaurant is from
41.A train can split up and move on
differenttracks or just have half the train not move
at all.
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