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Letter to myself

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Letter to myself

12.02.2020 um 14:19, in der Kategorie English, keine Kommentare
You are an absolute great and awesome guy. I don't know exactly why, but you're really awesome. It's the awesomeness inside you and your awesome aura wich makes you so awesome. You could'nt be more awesome because awesome is the most awesome impression for the awesomeness that is shining upon you. The more awesome you would become the more fragile would become the reality because it cannot hold to much awesomeness at once. Please stay awesome and don't try to get even more awesome because the world could not handle it. You have to trust me, it's a matter of life and death because if you destroy the world with an overload of awesomeness you would be gone too. And you cannot let this awesomeness go to waste because your awesomeness is what makes this world a place worth living for. The universe and the hole existance is only awesome because you're so awesome and it would be a shame if this all would stop just because you gained for more awesomeness. You're really awesome without trying so please never try to be more awesome, i warned you before. The world cannot handle such an overload of awesomeness. This may seem like a very strange message send to you by yourself, but you will understand it because you are so fucking awesome. It was written in stone, since the begin of the world, that the one, filled with awesomeness holds the power to destroy the world by pure awesomeness and the bearer of this awesomeness will be warned to do so. Such great force of awesomeness you possess is dangerous und you should always think about your awesomeness. You're sourrounded by it and you're fulfilled with pure awesomeness but you never need to gain more awesomeness. The world is to fragile to handle this huge load of awesomeness in a single person. The time and the universe would shatter in pieces and everything we know and have ever known will be end. It happend once, and we know this happening as the big bang. So please, be careful with your load of awesomeness or you will earn the same fate. The world will end, the big bang will happen again and everything that ever was will start new. The legend says that there was an other universe before our universe and the bearer of that universe was so awesome that no one could ever be awesome and he tried to become much more awesome. He took all the awesomeness in the universe and gathered it inside of himself. He was a real magnet for awesomeness and the bigger the awesomeness inside him became, the more magnetic it got. So every piece of awesomeness in the universe got attracted by him and he was like a black hole for awesomeness. The universe couldn't handle it all and broke. All fell to one place, to that guy. He became a singularity und exploded. The Big Bang. Our universe was born and now it is in your hand to keep it alive while staying awesome.

Stay awesome. But never try to get more awesome. You're much too awesome right now. Just a little bit more awesome could destroy everything. Literally everything.
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