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Story part 2

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Story part 2

15.12.2007 um 19:05, keine Kommentare
A few days earlier
On the Mothership

Da'an wasn't in an especially good mood. The Synod had summoned him and it did not sound as if it would be very pleasant. On the contrary. With a very uncomfortable feeling Da'an approached the bridge; he knew they were already waiting for him.

”Da'an, you have been suspected of treason.” Zo'or's voice carried strong and clear across the bridge; he seemed to draw a certain satisfaction from the occurrence. The Synod was assembled around Da'an and their leader. They observed attentively and were already contemplating judgment. Da'an knew that there was no way of defending himself, but it might buy him some time to try. Time enough to find a way out.
“I do not understand. Who has reported this suspicion? And what evidence is there against me?”
“That is irrelevant. The evidence exists and it is incontrovertible. But to have final proof, the Synod has decided to scan your thoughts. It may prove your innocence, but honestly I doubt it. You have one hour to prepare yourself.” Zo'or's derisive expression accompanied these words. He was obviously more than pleased with the possibility to finally get rid of his long-time rival. The fact that this scan amounted to mental rape did not seem to disturb him very much.

Under the expressionless mask of the diplomat, the thoughts of the older Taelon raced. He has been expecting something like this for some time, but a part of him could not believe that it had really come to it now. Desperately he searched for a way out of the situation, a way to escape.

Zo'or seemed to sense that. A slightly sneering smile spread over his features.
“If you think to escape, Da'an, measures have been taken to prevent that. You cannot leave the Mothership. Agent Sandoval will put you in a cell until the interrogation.”
The agent had waited outside and was now called in to execute this order of Zo'or.

The former Companion accompanied him without argument; he seemed resigned to his fate. But inside he still evaluated his possibilities. There weren't many; he doubted that his former Protector would help him. The man's loyalty had long ceased to belong to the Taelons. There were a few Volunteers who were loyal to him, but it was unlikely that one of them would learn of his situation and get help fast enough, if at all. If he tried to flee, he would not get farther than a few meters, before he was caught again. So there was only one way. A shiver ran down his spine. He was afraid of death, but it was preferable to the fate that awaited him otherwise. The scanning of his thoughts would not only reveal all that he knew, but also cost him his mind. He had witnessed it once. The Taelon concerned had suffered agonies which were worse than anything the Jaridians could do to them, and his futile efforts at resistance had only increased the pain. After the Synod had finished their investigation, nothing much had remained of the Taelon's mind and he had died a merciful death shortly thereafter. No, Da'an did not want to end like that.

Carefully he began to undertake the necessary steps. He had to be careful, lest his fellow Taelons notice anything and tried to stop him. As he reached his cell, the damage had already been done. He could still stop it, but the point of no return was fast approaching. This time there was no one to stop him, no hope of rescue and so Da'an had accelerated the process significantly. All he now had to do was to keep it hidden from the Synod until the last possible moment. Slowly he let himself sink to the floor.

Minutes later he felt his body dissolve, the energy particles dissipating. He felt the scorn of the Synod over his escape, and he knew there would be no return for him. With this last step he had landed in purgatory. But he had been unable to commit treason again. He had been forced into it once, but it would not happen again. The knowledge he had would have led to the destruction of thousands of people, a burden his conscience would not have been able to bear. Silently his mind drifted away, unreadable for the Commonality now. He wondered how long he would be able to bear the solitude. Then he decided to return to a place he knew, a place where he felt at home. The Embassy.
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