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A trip to Great Britain

A trip to Great Britain

17.03.2016 um 10:39

Hi Barb,
the UK is... well it is quite good. It depends where you spend your holliday, where you spend your nights. And the biggest part: If you are alone or have a travel companion. When you travel (nearly) alone, your chance is bigger to practise the language. Then you have to speak. Practise is everything. Guess what? After 2 weeks your english will be much better than before this trip.

In the past i spent a lot of hollidays in the UK. The first time i can not remember, i was a little child (somewhere between 2 and maybe 3 years old). And i cant remember everything from this times. Just a few...

The english friends of my parents heard about the tradition to hide some presents and eggs for Easter (they didnt practise this in their family). So they wanted to do this for me and my older siblings. I´ve found a little pink umbrella under my bed, wondered about that the english easter rabbit did it this way. I thought that the english easter rabbit could be silly to hide the present and eggs under my bed.
How old i was? Well, there is a photo somewhere. I guess that i was 4 years old?
And i remember a little hamster (one of the children of this english friends had a hamster with a little treadmill). Silly rememberings, i know....

Other times we spent our nights in a B&B (bed and breakfast). This is really nice. Well, it was nice when i was a child. Dont know what it is like nowadays. Do you know what a "bed and breakfast" is? A normal household, somewhere where tourists could cross the way, a sign outside of the house that they offer "B&B". You call them or ring the doorbell to ask if they have a free room for x days and nights.
You get a room, maybe a tour through the house, a time for the breakfast. And then you can do your own thing.
At the next morning everything is like in a normal family. Try to get the free bathroom, take a seat in the dining room, decide what you would like to eat.

Ooooh the english breakfast :D
As a child i loved the many things. You can choose what you prefer. Toast with salted (or unsalted) butter, jam, cheese, saussages.... or cornflakes, porridge, milk, tea, coffee, orange juice, the warm breakfast (slices of tomato, slices of ham, saussages, fried eggs, baked beans....).

Bed and breakfast is nice to meet new people. It is not like a hotel, it is more like to spend time with family you dont know.
This way you get in touch with the country and the people who lives there....


Wow, i could write so much more.... but that would be to much for this thread i guess.

Oh, places i´ve been in the UK:
Dover (what a great sight, the cliffs of Dover).... When you are there, try to get at least one little stone of this white cliffs (but only if this is still allowed). As a child i loved it to use this stones as street chalk.

London (of course).
Try a sightseeing with one of the red double-decker busses. Madame Tussauds in London is cool (well, it was when i was 17.... but i think it is still the same).
The Piiccadilly Circus, lots of shops, lots to see.
Harrods (Wikipedia: Harrods).
Dont forget the little shops in the little side streets. Sometimey there can be a "pearl" . But this counts for every bigger town around the world.

I was in Liverpool, Birmingham, in the Yorkshire Dales, made a day trip to Sherwood Forest, in different smaller or bigger towns somewhere in the UK. I slept in good hotels and hotels that had "their" time when Charly Chaplin was a young star, i used B&B, i spent time in little cottages, and so on.

British food:
A litle different to the german food (hey, dont lay the blame on me if there is no more difference nowadays). I just try to rummage around in my memories.
When i was a child i looooooooooved "fish and chips". Wikipedia: Fish_and_Chips
With salt and a bit vinegar on top of it.

Loads of different crisps in the supermarkets impressed me when i was a child. I ony knew 1 kind of taste for crisps (Paprika), but in the UK i got to know many other tastes.... Especially the crisps of Walkers are my favourite since this time.

Crazy juice (blueberry and other "juice"). I didnt like it when i was a child. It tasted so synthetic. I cant remember the name of this "juice", i only remember that a lot of times adults wanted to make me a favour and gave me this *beeeeep* juice to drink.


A trip to Great Britain

22.03.2016 um 17:18
Streetview in London, around 1995

DSC 1637.JPG

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A trip to Great Britain

23.03.2016 um 09:18
A special tip.
If you want to try and understand the character of a place,
check out its bins. They can be an effective marketing tool
for local councils although further customisation might not always give the desired impression.

Many churches have diversified to provide accommodation, retail or pub services, those that investment in security helps to keep their prayers safe

Chicken is storming the nation. Pay attention and during the average British day you will see and hear at least twenty-three references to chicken.
A British vegetarian: I don't eat meat - just chicken.

Enjoy markets. You can get anything you want at Britain's
markets, even if you want it.
And you can always find a nice cup of coffee.

Make your own outfit
The British like to express their individuality in their choice
of clothes.

The cheapest way to get around London on public transport is by using an Oyster Card. This can be bought at airports as well as at Underground and train station.

Another way to get around is by walking :D or to ride a Boris Bike.Boris Bike is a popular name of the transport for London public bicycle share scheme


A trip to Great Britain

11.08.2016 um 09:26
Hi @barbieworld :)
Hi everyone!

I am very glad that I have found this thread. It's been 3 years since I was in Great Britain the last time. I was in Scotland and England (Glastonbury, Stonehenge, London), but I really love Scotland. I was there 3 times and I will go again.
For a trip to Scotland I would take with me: rain protection, a camera and mosquito protection against the midges (if it is summer). I would go to the Hebrides and see the puffins one more time.

I was 2 times at the Loch Ness, but I haven't seen Nessie. ;)
Here a picture of Loch Ness:


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A trip to Great Britain

15.08.2016 um 11:39
how was it to stand on the famous loch were your feelings?


A trip to Great Britain

15.08.2016 um 16:22
The panorama was breathtaking. The dark loch, the mountains and the cloudy sky ... It was overwhelming.
I recommend to visit the Urquhart Castle and to make a boat trip over the loch.


A trip to Great Britain

20.03.2018 um 16:16
I would not travel to Britain. I dont realy feel save in Muslim countrys anymore.


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