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Fighting with music

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Fighting with music

07.06.2006 um 23:46
Link: news.bbc.co.uk (external)

Manilow to drive out 'hooligans'

The council hopes Mr Manilow's music will proveunbearable
A council in the Australian city of Sydney is taking radical measuresagainst car-revving youths - the calming tones of singer Barry Manilow.

Officials in Rockdale say that local youths have been hanging around in car parks,revving their engines and generally annoying residents.

So the council hasdecided to strike back.

From July, Barry Manilow's greatest hits will be pipedinto one car park in a bid to drive the youths away.

Deputy mayor BillSaravinovski said the decision was taken because the youths were intimidating localpeople.

"They are just hanging out and causing a nuisance to the generalpublic," he told the AFP news agency.

The music will be played for a six-monthtrial period at a car park in the suburb of Brighton-le-Sands.

Mr Saravinovskisaid it should not annoy residents, but would will be loud enough for the youths to hearit.


I think that is a good Idee, but what we do with the 50years old women ?

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Fighting with music

09.06.2006 um 07:10
This idea is in my opinion a cruel one.


Fighting with music

01.08.2006 um 15:03


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Fighting with music

08.08.2006 um 12:40
Hi mastermind,

I don't think this stuff is gona work.



Fighting with music

20.08.2006 um 04:46
You don't think the stuff's gonna work?
Do you know the mentality of the Americans?
You can't compare 'em with us.
The are much more easygoin', man.
Just wannahave fun. That's all.
And music is fun for them indeed!
So it will work, I think(but isn't it already working? Aren't there kids who make moves as a replacement of afight? Such as in "Galvanize"? I think you know the video.).

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Fighting with music

02.10.2006 um 00:49
Why are you talking about the mentality of Americans, when the story takes place inAustralia?

I cannot imagine, that the music could change anything! If I weresuch a hooligan-member, I would laugh at this, because it is a kind of provocation. Doyou think the boys or girls become more friendly if they have to listen to calm music? Idon´t think so.


Fighting with music

22.11.2006 um 14:37
if you listen to barry manilow you get very angry^^

i think the idea itselfis not so bad. it´s like the "elevatormusic" in the malls, you don´t want to listen to itbut you can´t get rid of it.


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