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The Tavistock Institute and Godlikeproductions

3 Beiträge, Schlüsselwörter: CIA, NSA, Mind Control, Usaf, Tavistock, John Lucas, GLP, Tena, Trinity, C2media
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The Tavistock Institute and Godlikeproductions

19.12.2012 um 14:29
Hey there,

i'm in a quite hurry, so i'm not able to create the perfect topic with all information translated and perfectly arranged.
So i will provide you all information i got.

1. The Tavistock Institute:
Wikipedia: The_Tavistock_Institute

Psychoanalytical stuff? Could become interesting later.

The Work of John Coleman, who discovered most of the Tavistock info availiable today (PDF).


Tavistock, the best kept secret in america (PDF):

That should be enough about tavistock, if you search for more you will find more.

So, i think that's enough conspirancy theory stuff, but you better search for information related Tavistock AND the board "godlikeproductions.com".

1. Try to go to godlikeproductions.com, and open a thread about tavistock, or just make 1 post about tavistock. The reaction will be, you getting banned immediately. You will also get banned if you post about John Lucas (trinity).
Why? Well, the Site is runned by a CIA dude called John Lucas, who is involved in tavistock as well. (One more thing about John Lucas, besides Tavistock and GLP: https://www.tena-sda.org/download/attachments/6750/TENApaper-ITEAworkshop-2006-04-24.pdf)
Now it's getting interesting. You have to search for the rest of the information for yourselves.

So what's the conspirancy now? Tavistock is researching about ways of mind-control (search info!). Now think of what part GLP could take in the whole story? I know what i think.

What do you think?
There is much more info out there, than i just provided, search for it.
You should also check deepweb resources ;)
The truth is out there.


The Tavistock Institute and Godlikeproductions

19.12.2012 um 15:48
in b4 close! :trollbier:

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The Tavistock Institute and Godlikeproductions

19.12.2012 um 15:50
Runner up. :trollbier:


Diese Diskussion wurde von der_wicht geschlossen.
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