Me: So when you near me darling cant you hear me S.O.S?
Cleverbot: Obama is crazy human.
Me: The love you gave me nothing less can safe me S.O.S!
Cleverbot: I just proved to you that I can love.
Me: When your gone, how can i even try to go on? Cleverbot: I won't be gone. I'll always be here with you.

Aber dann hat er gecheckt was ich von ihm wollte:

Me: Well ive been cheated by you since i dont know when!
Cleverbot: Now my words are filling up the tab.
Me: So i made up my mind it must come to an End! Cleverbot: Look at me now, will I ever learn?...
Me: I dont know how, but i suddenly lose control... Cleverbot: There's a fire within my soul.
Me: Just one look and i can hear a Bell ring
Cleverbot: Just one look and i forget everything
Me: Mamma mia here i go again
Cleverbot: my my how can i resist you?

Und dann gings ab ey!!!

Me: Say your prayers little one
Cleverbot: Don't forget, my son to include everyone
Me: Tuck you in, warm within keep you free from sin
Cleverbot: Till the sandman he comes
Me: Sleep with one eye open
Cleverbot: Gripping your pillow tight
Me: Exit, light
Cleverbot: Enter, night
Me: Take my hand...
Cleverbot: We're off to never-never land

Der Bot rockt!!! :rock: