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Chaplins Zeitreisende

208 Beiträge, Schlüsselwörter: Zeitreise, Chaplin

Chaplins Zeitreisende

02.01.2011 um 22:25

Für Herr Clarke ist das ja sicher eine gute Sache, aber ob es moralisch vertretbar ist, mit dieser Geschichte über die Zeitreisende für seine eigene DVD zu werben...? Aber gut, ich will ihm nichts unterstellen, vielleicht ist er ja wirklich davon überzeugt, wie unser @Pickuppaul hier. ;)

ehemaliges Mitglied

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Chaplins Zeitreisende

02.01.2011 um 22:26
Was mir hier immer wieder auffällt:
Threads, die beim Eröffnungsposting schon in sich selbst widersprüchlich sind,
bekommen mehr Beachtung und gehen mal locker über 10,20 oder sogar
am Ende über 100 Seiten.

Seriöse Themen kriegen kaum Beachtung und sind meist nach 3,4, vielleicht 10 Seiten
schon nicht mehr von Interresse. Und wenn sie dann doch Zulauf kriegen, dann von
unseriösen Leuten, Eso-Freaks oder religiös ambitionierten Leuten. Oder von Leuten,
die von Thema garkeine Ahnung haben !



Chaplins Zeitreisende

04.01.2011 um 23:40
also laut den machern der simpsons war das ja james woods xD


Chaplins Zeitreisende

27.01.2011 um 15:40
Irgendwie unnötig, die Diskussion weiter offen zu halten, oder? :)


Chaplins Zeitreisende

15.02.2011 um 19:55
Habe erst heute von dem Thema erfahren und mich darüber belesen, sowie das Video mehrmals angeschaut und auch den Thread komplett gelesen.

Ich bin ebenfalls der Meinung, dass es sich hier um ein Höhrgerät der damaligen Zeit handelt, nichts destotrotz schauen da keine Kabel raus, geschweigedenn hat die Frau/der Mann einen tragbaren "Stromkasten" in der Hand, der für solche Geräte damals noch ein MUSS war.

Naja, ich zitier hier mal Zusammenfassung der Möglichkeiten, die der Original-Videouploader zusammengefasst hat:
(Stellenweise werden Bilder angesprochen, diese findet ihr, genau wie diesen Text unter folgender Quelle: )
There is a number of categories of theories on our 1928 mystery being:

1 - The time traveler/Alien visitor...

2 - The hearing aid/Ear horn...

3 - Toothache/Ice pack...

4 - Fake footage...

5 - Government member with advanced technology...

1 - The Time Traveler/Alien Visitor

My original suggestion and claim caused a global debate in less than a week! Within days, googling 'Chaplins Time Traveler' brought up hundreds of links that carried the same title, showed my video, and soon, held a still shot of the suspect beings grip around that device. It was a brave claim to make many friends told me, but as an open minded person free to dream in the film world and create such events, I felt that it represented me best. Yes, I do agree that it sounds absurd to many and makes me seem like a complete nutter, but this very sane mind then asks 'why not?' Why must it always be the safe and simple answer to things?

I've always been a fan of many scientists theories on time travel, and would certainly love to experience such a thing, and in the past week have been flooded with emails from many people claiming that such a thing exsists! These are people that claim to be have been involved in secret Government testing from the 40's, 50's and 60's, experinced time travel and transportation, have had relatives or friends gone missing after their claims of jumping time, and scientists with such evidence to prove. Aside from that, I haven't spent so much time in bookstores reseaching the subject and gaining more knowledge along the way.

One of the questions most asked is that 'if this was a time traveler, why would they be using a device as big as this one (and in public never mind on film), surely they would have a smaller device such as an ear-piece or implant for communication to save attracting attention... - Well, again, I'm not the expert but my answer to that would be that even though I said 'a mobile phone' in my video, I meant a form of communication device in general. The size of 'her' device represents that of todays 'iphone' almost, but thats not to say they have come from this time period or even the next few years possibly. Many people think due to the bizarre shape of 'her' grip, that its a form of flip phone - with one photo of the shot ,colour inverted making blacks - white etc, showing the solid white (black) object in 'her' hand.

Focusing on the grip, it most definately is a strange one... Just notice the seperation in the fingers - a most uncomfortable hold with or without something in hand!

Possibly the most repeated comment is about the lack of cell towers... 'How thick am I to say its a cell phone when I obviously forgot to say how 'she' took a cell tower back with 'her' to 1928!?!? I mean really!! Because this didn't cross my mind at all people!!


In response to all those who think I may have missed that one my answer is simple... If this is a time traveler who transported back to 1928 with a cell phone/communication device, then wouldn't that person surely have the technology to use such a thing without the aid of a cell tower or todays needs?

And on top of that, I never did say 'she' was of this planet - lending to the theory that alien technology has always been seen as being far superior to our own!

So why use such a device in public - and in front of a film camera?? Well, to be perfectly honest, I don't think 'she' see's the camera (at least until 'she' has almost faded out on the crossfade). As a film maker, and from seeing other scenes in that 6 minute premeire film, the shot was set up to get a shot of the large zebra and window behind with the artwork of the films star and title (and the camera isn't as close as you think). The 2 beings that enter the shot (supposed man and woman) are just passers by or going to see the film. Now to add to that, a lot of speculation has fallen on the supposed 'man' who quickly walks ahead of our main suspect. His appearance and walk has sparked more thoughts on an alien pair of visitors trying to blend in. This, along with the weird or simply coincidental, syncronised walking pattern, shows that 'he' does not care to be with the phone user - confirmed a bit more with the fact that 'he' walks straight out of shot, but 'she' stops to go another way even though 'she' was walking the same straight line 'he' was prior to that.

That stop and turn motion is an action we all do when in deep conversation on our phones! Whilst talking, we can manage to cross roads without getting killed, avoid people, climb stairs and much more, without breaking out out coversation to think about it.

It may be that what we don't see as we lose 'her' during the crossfade, is her acknowledge-ment of the camera - giving 'her' reason to hide her device, but before that it is obvious that 'she' is quite happily talking away and smiling...

Many of the emails and comments I have received speculate on alien beings. The actions and appearance of the suspect being have grabbed the attention of thousands of people, with almost every person who has viewed the video agreeing that this is no woman! Among many of those open to the fact that we aren't the only beings in the universe, there has been quite a few psychic's and spiritualists sharing their thoughts and messages from beyond that this person in question really isn't from Earth. The term, trans-dimensional being is one of the most used forms of description, which adds a whole new twist to the story. These focus on the fact that the person looks so out of place with their sense of dress, which includes larger garments to conceal alien bodies and other advanced technologies, the low worn hat (complete with horns) and suspect black glasses to hide their alien eyes, gloves on the bizarrely large mis-shapen hand, the clumsy walk, and the simple fact that they have messed up using such a futuristic device during this time period - possibly communicating with other beings or a mothership of sorts!

It's definately food for thought...

2 - The Hearing Aid/Ear Horn

Definately the most commented rational explanation to this mystery - yet if taken as the answer, opens so many questions!

It has been educational to say the least learning of such devices advanced in technology that were available 100 years ago for the deaf. Many - if not most of - those that have been in touch have either claimed or asked if it could be a certain make of hearing aid that looks incredibly like a mobile phone...

These are pretty cool pieces of equipment, and the black one most certainly does look like the device in 'her' hand! Believe me, I am open to rational explanations, and this is as good as it gets... In fact, its interesting to see so many reports online saying that the mystery is 'solved' and claiming this! Well, lets be honest folks, whether you say yay or nay to this answer doesn't matter, because the bottom line is - there is NO proof and we will just never know! So how can they be claiming that its solved?

Well thats simple... it is of course much easier for many people in life to accept the simplist explanation. Who wants to think of something extraordinary or 'weird' that may get others thinking differently of them?!

The thing is, most people that have an answer or comment on the Youtube video are literally only glimpsing at the B&W footage, not listening to my explanation (I mean FFS, how many of the viewers think she is on a film set when I clearly say its a film premeire?!?!) and seeing the above picture of the device and simply agreeing with the crowd. But let me point out a few things out - again, not debunking this theory as such because again, we'll never know, but simply adding to this rational explanation...

What the most of the hearing aid crowd don't show is this picture of what the set-up of the above hearing aid looks like and involves. See below:

I mean really... what a set-up!! To be honest, and not just from my own opinion, but myself and many others just can't see any evidence of the above being carried by our suspect.

On top of that, the grip is all wrong - that enormous hand would surely be covering the area that any audio needs to go through for them to hear, and then that leaves the most obvious question... Why is she talking? And seemingly in deep conversation!

The second item is an ear horn brought forward by experts as read in the likes of Fox News etc, who say it is what is pictured below:

Hmmmm... Does our suspect being REALLY look like they are holding such a thick device?

I don't think so! And this is what the 'experts' are saying. I have to admit, even the general public managed to find a better one than this (as presented in the pictures above this one). And if it is this earhorn (lol) then I return to my other question... Why is she talking? And seemingly in deep conversation!

3 - Toothache and Ice-pack

Many of the comments sent to me say that our suspect being simply has toothache and is pressing an ice-pack on her cheek to soothe the pain... They shout at me for picking on a poor little old 'lady' in pain!!

Really? I mean, really?! Does this look like a (very happy) face of pain of a little old 'lady' who is chatting away to herself or device?

Let me also mention that those unusally stuck out high cheekbones add to the fact that 'she' is quite happy, as she talks away...

I really don't buy the toothache theory.

*Focusing on this photo though, take a look at the freaky long middle finger... In the video, it slides left to right - something which is physically impossible to do as the knuckle only allows for it to go up and down!!

4 - Fake Footage

First of all, I'd like to start this one off by saying that I have not faked or doctored any of this 1928 footage at all. Many people think I created this 'hoax' in a bid to get some attention... Well, I can assure you that in the few years I have been making movies, I have played them all on the big screen here in NI, had them released in High Street stores across the UK and Ireland on DVD, won awards and legions of fans in the US, gained global media coverage with 2 - 3 page spreads and more, had acclaim from industry professionals as far as Hollywood and Hong Kong, and much more. I'm not looking for attention folks - I just so happened to find some amazing footage that has gained yours!

So - if faked - then that passes the buck to the 1928 cameraman and the guys at Warner Bros. who put the digitally remastered DVD collection together. Let me start in 1928...

When you watch the whole 6 minutes of this event on the DVD extra's, you will notice that the opening shot and closing shot is that of the crowds entering the theatre for the show. The camera is placed on a top floor, or on the roof, of a building opposite to capture the frenzy! Once the crowd starts to die down, the cameraman then returns to ground level to capture some other shots.

These shots are of the vendors and props used for the premiere - the large elephant that moves, the stuffed camel, and of course, the zebra..! Keep in mind, these would have been seen as such lavish props for an event like this in 1928, so it would be wise to capture them on film. Which brings me to another point...

Keep in mind, that events like these would have been filmed for historical use, Chaplins private use, and stuck in the vaults. I can almost guarantee they didn't plan it as a DVD extra back then!

So back to my point - the cameraman has positioned his camera on the large zebra and the artwork on the window behind:

As with the other fixed shots with the camel and elephant, late coming guests and general passers by stroll into shot - some fixated with the camera - some not. And it is here, at the zebra, we see the only 2 beings in the shot... The quick walking man in front, and our phone using suspect!

Now did this cameraman suddenly some up with something - a vision of the future perhaps - and get this passer by to pretend to be on a phone? Well, I highly doubt it! If he was wanting to put something eye catching and perhaps different into this short documentary, I am sure he would have thought harder. And lets also settle this discussion on many of the views that its an extra acting...

If you had watched the video I made carefully, you would know that this is a live event - not a film. So its not Chaplins crazy mind getting an actor to pretend to be on a mobile phone! It is a passer-by or a guest to the show. I've had my own big premieres here in Belfast, and trust me, there isn't a spare minute in the day for the man of the hour to go out and pull something like this off - even in a digital age, so imagine the work involved then!

So from the looks of thing, neither the man in front or the 'lady' seem to notice the camera on them - and if you look closely when the 'lady' stops to talk, she is actually looking off camera and not straight into it!

Moving onto the guys at Warner Bros. who digitally remastered the film, gathered the extras and prepared them for DVD release...

If anyone caught the parody of the footage on the Jay Leno show (as hilarious as it was) you would have noticed how easy it was to add extra people behind that zebra, dressed in an old fashion that 'seemed' to fit in. And if you had half a brain, you would also notice that it was faked/doctored/CG footage that didn't suit the original film. Now thats not saying the boys at Warner Bros. couldn't do better - in fact, I'm sure they could pull it off perfectly - but lets look at this logically... when the Charlie Chaplin films were being remastered for release, there would have been more than enough work to sort out for this project. Its very possible, but I highly doubt it, that the staff involved would take time out to shoot, edit and recreate a scene from 1928 in time for the DVD release. It just doesn't make sense!

5 - Government Members with Advanced Technology

This is possibly one of the most talked about theories. So much so in fact, I don't know where to start... I guess one of the most emailed names would be best - Nikola Tesla.

Originally from Serbia, then moving to the US, Tesla was a genius of inventions, with plans for wireless communication and free energy in the early 1900's. Obviously, with a power hungry and money driven government running the country, this would never do, so Nikola (quite alike Nokia) was brought down and his notes and inventions confiscated by the big bad boys. Talk of government agencies having advanced technology at least 50 years ahead of public use has been in circulation for many, many years, and many people come to the conclusion that it is creations of Tesla that they are using...

Aside from Tesla, more stories have been coming in from people asking not to publish their full story. People that were involved in, or have friends/family that were involved in secret government operations in the mid 1900's that dealt with time travel and transportation, as well as witnessing many new technical devices. Stories of personal trips of time travel, nazi soldiers in time machines, and alien beings that have made deals with government officials to stay on earth in exchange for advanced technology. The list goes on!

Some of the comments focus on the use of such advancements, with our suspect being as an undercover agent keeping an eye of Chaplin after his identification with the left, before he was forced out to live in Europe in the 1950's.


We'll just never know! The mystery of Chaplins Time Traveler will forver live on, unless I can crack this case during the propsed documentary in 2011 with RTE...

But until then, please remember;

'No answer is right - no answer is wrong!' George Clarke


Chaplins Zeitreisende

24.06.2012 um 18:40
Ich finde es sieht schon aus wie ein veraltetes Handy. Allerdings ist dsa sicher keine Zeitreisende, weil bis jetzt gab es noch keine, die auf Zeitreise gehen konnten. Und ich glaube nicht, dass man mit einem derart veralteten Handy zurück reist. Ich würde mir dann doch lieber das iPhone 8 nehmen ;) :D


Chaplins Zeitreisende

24.06.2012 um 19:00
Na, die dame könnte ja durchaus mit dem Mädchen reden..und um das zu können, braucght sie den Verstärker..sie könnte aber auch mit jemandem reden, der gar nicht im Bild zu sehen ist, sondern vor ihr läft..


Chaplins Zeitreisende

11.08.2012 um 19:39
hi,ich habe auf you tube ein video gesehen dass von 1915 stammt dort sind schottische soldaten zu sehen auf dem video ist zu sehen wie eine schwyrzgekleidete frau vorbei geht.viele meinen es wäre die selbe frau aus dem chaplin film hat jemand eventuell eine erklärung dafür


Chaplins Zeitreisende

11.08.2012 um 19:43
Als erstes würde Ich gerne das besagte Video anschauen ... denn ohne das Video gesehen zu haben, kann man wohl nichts genaues dazu sagen ...

Kannst Du es evtl. hierher verlinken ... ?


Chaplins Zeitreisende

13.08.2012 um 17:29
Wie schauts ... kriegen Wir das Video noch zu shen?

ehemaliges Mitglied

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Chaplins Zeitreisende

13.08.2012 um 17:44
Sowas finde ich immer spannend, egal ob was dran ist :D

Würde das Video auch gerne sehen...


Chaplins Zeitreisende

13.08.2012 um 21:27
Meine Güte , nur weil sich mal eine Frau am Ohr kratzt und dabei den Dummen Fehler macht und dabei redet ? Ihr seid alle Handykrank ! Wäre besser sie hätte sich am Hintern gekratzt.


Chaplins Zeitreisende

16.08.2012 um 16:15
Wer durch die Zeit reisen kann benötigt sicherlich kein Handy mehr....

Was ist eher wahrscheinlich:

a) wir bekommen alle etwas impantiert, mit dem wir kommunizieren können

b) Zeitreisen

Ausserdem sieht mir das angebliche Handy eher wie der Schatten der Hand aus.


Chaplins Zeitreisende

16.08.2012 um 16:23
Auweia schrieb:Wer durch die Zeit reisen kann benötigt sicherlich kein Handy mehr....
Vor allem, mit welchem Netz will Er/Sie/Es telefonieren? ;)
Auweia schrieb:Ausserdem sieht mir das angebliche Handy eher wie der Schatten der Hand aus.
Oder wie ein, bereits im Thread angesprochenes, zu damaligen Zeiten "modernes" Hörgerät!


Chaplins Zeitreisende

16.08.2012 um 21:30
Wäre nett, wenn DU On bist, das Du wenigsten auf die, an Dich gerichtete Frage, antworten würdest ...

ehemaliges Mitglied

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Chaplins Zeitreisende

16.08.2012 um 23:16
die "zeitreisende" war ja auch augenscheinlich nicht mehr die jüngste ..... hat sich wohl omi bei ner rheumadeckenverkaufsfahrt noch ne zeitreise aufschwatzen lassen


Chaplins Zeitreisende

17.08.2012 um 06:24

Wie bereits @Jofe mehrmals erwähnte, wäre das Video, welches du erwähntest nicht schlecht!
Vorher wird dir wohl die Frage, "viele meinen es wäre die selbe frau aus dem chaplin film hat jemand eventuell eine erklärung dafür", niemand beantworten können.

Vielen dank im Vorraus! ;)


Chaplins Zeitreisende

18.08.2012 um 09:06
So ... da Du ja alle Anfragen, ob des angeblichen Videos, in welchem ebenfalls die "Zeitreisende" zu sehen sein soll, vehement ignorierst, gehe Ich mal davon aus dass besagtes Video wohl nicht existiert und wohl nur Deiner Fantasie entsprungen zu sein scheint!

Lasse Mich aber gerne eines besseren belehren!


Chaplins Zeitreisende

18.08.2012 um 10:34
ich verstehe echt nicht warum manche leute sich extra in einem forum anmelden, um ein Zweizeiler über ein Thema zu schreiben, welches zuletzt Beachtung vor 2 Monaten fand.




Chaplins Zeitreisende

18.08.2012 um 13:22
is doch völlig sinnlos, nur mal angenommen die oder der würde in der damaligen zeit wirklich mit nem Handy telefonieren wollen, in welchem Netz würde es sich denn einloggen? AT&T?? xD

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