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Ein neuer Superstaat entsteht am persichen Golf

10.07.2012 um 12:44
Die Idee ist wohl etwas auf Eis, das nächste Treffen ist erst im August. Dafür legt der Iran mal wieder nach mit der grossen zionistischen Weltverschwörung und bringt die im Fall Saudi/Bahrein ins Spiel. Halt der altbekannte, politisch korrekte, staatliche Antisemitismus. Und massig VT's dazu, eine Vorliebe der iranischen Presse, Verschwörung wo immer man hinschaut...
'Zionists behind Saudi-Bahrain merger scheme'

Tue Jul 10, 2012 10:26AM GMT

An analyst says the plan for the Saudi-Bahrain merger is devised by the ‘Zionist-controlled world order’ with Israel at its heart, trying to change the face of the Middle East for its own existence.

Press TV has conducted an interview with the Middle East consultant, Peter Eyre, to further discuss the issue.

The video also offers the opinions of two additional guests: American philosopher James Fetzer and Moufid Jaber with the Middle East Center for Studies and Research.

The following is a rough transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Peter Eyre, when we are looking at how for instance a lot of the mainstream media is referring to the protests in Saudi Arabia, we’re always hearing of a minority Shia who are stationed in the East or the Eastern regions of Saudi Arabia having their specific demands facing discrimination.

Do you think or do you agree that this however has become a more nationalized thing for Saudi Arabia and it is getting bigger from the reports that you’ve been hearing from the region?

Eyre: It’s certainly a national issue and once again the West is sticking its nose in the media as usual it’s totally sensed it. So it doesn’t matter the size of the population that’s objecting to the regime. We’re coming back to what our friend said in Lebanon- we’re talking here about international democracy.

It’s quite hypocritical that countries like Saudi and Qatar etcetera were screaming out for democracy in Libya. They’re very much behind the current situation in Syria but when it comes to their own doorstep, their own national problems, certainly they’re not there; they’re just arresting people and as we’ve just heard today people are getting killed.

That is not democracy; it’s a carbon copy of what’s happened in Bahrain as we know there the Shiites have significant numbers but have no voice whatsoever and now of course this potential Saudi [Arabia] actually taking over Bahrain.

So yes, I believe that more people should take to the streets and let’s face it Saudi [Arabia] is, can arguably be classified as a true Arab nation- a puppet state of America.

Press TV: And as it’s facing these protests one other issue that’s also been put on the spotlight when it comes to the Saudi royal family is the issue of the aging rulers of course there. The Saudi monarchy becoming, many people are saying, instable.

When the issue of succession comes forward, Peter Eyre do you think that this issue of succession, the fact that we are hearing there is division among for instance the sons or the cousins of the royal family on who should be replacing the monarch once he passes away, is this going to lead to political tension and is it actually weakening the regime in the face of these protests?

Eyre: I think so. There is no question at all that the passed members who as you know died more recently, they’re quite old. I would put them in the category of being members of the Jurassic Park. They really should move out of power and give some young blood, royal blood obviously as it stands at the moment and one can only hope that that takes place and there could be a more moderate leader. You know that’s more modern with the times that could step in but at the end of the day they’re incredibly wealthy as the Bahraini family.

To give you some example, I was working in the Middle East and I had a quote to ship dolphin and some sea lions to a private pool of one of the Bahraini royal families. That’s incredible wealth and the affluence that exists within the royal family of Bahrain and Saudi [Arabia]. It really makes a mockery of the ordinary people in the country and they should take to the streets and try and get this into a balanced and in true perspective because that is greed personified.

Press TV: Peter Eyre in London, I’d like to have your comments on what was said by Mr. Fetzer there. What would you say in response to what he says about the sentiments of the Saudi people? And also while you’re at it tell us about Saudi Arabia’s role also in Bahrain when it comes into comparison with the role in Syria as was mentioned there?

Eyre: First of all I’d like to congratulate the gentleman from America. It’s nice to hear an American voice putting down the Western philosophy and the propaganda that prevails in all the Western media and thank God we have stations like Press TV to bring out the truth.

Yes 9/11 was a conspiracy but coming back to Saudi [Arabia] which is the topic that’s on hand at the moment, not the conspiracy of 9/11 which I agree with him on, the issue there is that Saudi [Arabia] and Bahrain are in bed with each other and as we’ve seen it will definitely lead into a one country scenario.

And behind this puppet government, this extremely rich government of course is orchestrated by what I call the new world order which is Zionist-controlled with Israel at its heart and its Israel that are pulling the strings believe it or not through the city of London and through the opposite numbers over the pond in America.

They are trying to change the face of the Middle East for their own self-existence and the fact that the people are out on the streets, one must understand that people have the right for democratic opinion; they have the right no matter what religion they are to do what they’re doing.
http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2012/07/10/250219/saudibahrain-merger-bid-zionist-ploy/ (Archiv-Version vom 16.07.2012)

Naja, Fetzer kennt man in der Twoofer-Szene gut in Sachen 9/11 :D !


Ein neuer Superstaat entsteht am persichen Golf

10.07.2012 um 13:47
bei den meldungen der iranischen presse koennte man fast meinen, das die redakteure sich im allmy verschwoerungs bereich herum geistern


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